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Why to choose Herbalife Formula 1 and not a typical breakfast?

When you choose Herbalife Healthy Breakfast, you get a precise amount of calories with more than 20 essential nutrients that your body requires. Remember that in the long run there can be consequences if your body lacks the right nutrition. Substituting one meal with Formula 1 shake makes you active and energetic throughout the day.

Is Herbalife some kind of diet?

No, it's not. Herbalife is dietary supplements that improve the diet, making it healthier and well-balanced. The fact is, weight loss is a natural consequence of a well-balanced diet, that Herbalife can provide you.

Is swapping regular breakfast to "Herbalife healthy breakfast" enough to lose weight?

Just as you will not gain weight from one bad meal, you will not lose weight because of one good meal! When trying to lose or manage your weight, it is always essential to learn a bit about keeping a nutritionally balanced diet, rich in low glycemic index * foods. People who intake healthy breakfast lose weight.

I heard people didn't lose weight or they gained weight while having Herbalife Healthy Breakfast, so what can I expect?

Losing or gaining weight does not depend on the product, in fact, it depends solely on personal nutrition and lifestyles. It is possible to increase the weight with a healthy breakfast, but generally that it won't be fat mass but muscle mass.

I miss breakfast because it always seems too complicated or I don't have the time to prepare it and consume it, what do I do?

It only takes around 3 minutes to get ready with the Herbalife Healthy Breakfast! Preparing the Formula 1 shake is quick and easy than making fried eggs! For people who chose not to eat in the morning it is just liquid and it doesn't burden the stomach like solid food, and it can be consumed on the go while you are traveling or in the office, so you don't have to sit and chew.

I usually have real breakfast and I fear I will be hungry by having only a shake for breakfast?

The Formula 1 shake can keep you full for at least 2 hours and more. If you feel hungry after having a Formula 1 shake, your body most likely needs more calories to feel full. Based on your preferred goal, consult with your Herbalife Independent Distributer on how to make your shake appropriately, so that it suits your body personal needs.

Can I use Herbalife healthy breakfast if I do not wish to lose weight but just want to eat healthy?

Of course Yes! You can use Herbalife even if you are not willing to lose weight. It will help you uphold good energy throughout your day and healthy body weight all through the years.

I think there is not enough protein in this product.

The quantity of protein confined in the Formula 1 meal replacement is the precise amount a person needs in one meal. Do not compare your healthy meal replacement with a protein blend of whey protein powder. This is a meal replacement, not a protein supplement. A meal replacement is a blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and botanical ingredients, whereas a protein supplement comprises protein only. Also, it is difficult to state how much protein is "sufficient".

Is it possible to gain muscle mass with Herbalife Healthy Breakfast?

Yes. Start using Herbalife healthy breakfast in your daily routine and take another F1 Shake after working out to regain lost nutrients in the body. Add one or two supplementary Formula 3 Protein Powder scoops each time to your shakes to regulate your protein intake.

I feel that there is too much sugar in these products, isn't sugar bad for me?

Yes, there are natural fruit sugars in Herbalife products, besides some artificial ones and the quantity of sugar you can find in the products is alike the amount you would eat in any fruit. Herbalife selects those sugars that compromise sweetness but have a low glycemic index and come filled with proteins and fibers so as not to increase blood sugar levels.

Can I consume Herbalife healthy breakfast when I am sick or on medication?

Supplements not suggested by a dietician can interact with other therapies, and make them less effective. But, there are no contraindications to consuming Herbalife products for people who are ill, have a cold, or taking antibiotics. As these products are declared as nutritional supplements, they are safe for use in all health conditions. But, insulin-dependent diabetics, people with high blood pressure, and those with impaired renal function must ask their physician before using this or any other nutritional supplements. When the body is fighting extreme dehydration or disease, we can give it an enhancement and support the immune system by giving it added support with the vitamins and minerals that are present in the products.

Is Herbalife healthy breakfast preferable for pregnant or lactating women?

If you have never used this product before, do not start during pregnancy! The choice of using this product is your choice. The truth is there are pregnant women who use this product but then again they are using them for years prior to getting pregnant and chose not to stop during pregnancy because their body responded well.

What and how do I eat for best results, after consuming a Herbalife healthy breakfast?

We recommend having at least 3 regular meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and at best two small snacks in between meals. Depending on what your wish is to lose or gain weight and if you are working out or not, we can offer you guidelines to what should this meal look like.