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Start Your Day

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Let Evaluate your Breakfast Habits

Let's Evaluate your Breakfast Habits

Do you always start your day with good breakfasts? Do you feel like your breakfasts are essentially good?

The first meal of the day is quite important, and your breakfast habits reveal your approach to life. So, take this quiz to find out how your breakfast habits stack up. Be honest with yourself about things that you’d like to choose.

  • Usually I wake up late so I'm in rush and have little time for morning activities and I start my day without breakfast.
  • Generally, I eat sandwiches with cheese or sometimes I choose rice-based items for breakfast like Dosa, Idli, Upma, etc.
  • Usually I have cereals and fruits for breakfast
  • After the lunch or during the afternoon I often feel tired and sleepy
  • Frequently I feel like snacking or feel like drinking teas
  • Sometimes I feel stressed and my moods keep fluctuating.
  • I sometimes have problems like bloating stomach and acidity.
  • I often sleep badly.
  • I would like to have more energy
  • I have slow metabolism.
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A strong connection has recently been discovered between bad breakfast and directly related to overweight and many health problems.

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++When compare with a usual breakfast alternative that does not have the essential nutrients.

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